Removable BOW Workout Sweatband

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  • 2 ½” (6cm) band with a circumference of 18” to 22” (45cm to 55cm), wear it with or without a bow: Can be untied, relocated or removed
  • ice cream removable BOW yoga head bands are of a two-layered design made of Organic Bamboo and Italian-imported Lycra fabrics which work together to keep you dry and sweat-free
  • These running headbands include a concealed elastic band at the rear which is meant to reduce slippage (no-slip) and provides for a better comfort and fit
  • ice cream workout head bands are machine-washable and are available in an extensive selection of colors, making it easy to mix and match with items you already own
  • Our exercise headbands are handcrafted in Canada by professional seamstresses who earn fair wages and work in comfort and safety

Who says you can’t look feminine while strutting your stuff at the local gym! The ice cream removable BOW workout Sweatband is all about giving your hair volume! Actually, the bow is the volume – your hair stays the same! - Sorry!

Although headbands with bows have been around for decades, our designers decided to create one specifically for working out. The ice cream removable BOW fitness headband is available in a wonderful selection of fabric flavors including basics such as Terra brown, Dalia purple and Foresta green. To reduce slippage, this workout head band incorporates an elastic band (at the back) which is concealed to improve esthetics and comfort.

The ice cream removable BOW fitness headband is perfect for yoga, exercise or just for wearing to work or around the house. The bow is adjustable and can be relocated or removed if desired.

These head bands are machine-washable and are available in a one-size format which is designed to stretch to fit most teens and adults (women and men).

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  • Cute, Stylish Design made using Premium Fabric and Materials
  • Built for Durability, Comfort and Ease of Care (Wrinkle-Free and Machine Washable)
  • Colourful and Exclusive Fabric Flavours, Perfect for Yoga, Exercise, Fitness and Travel
  • Personalization Available upon Request: Send us your Measurements and Preferences and we will Custom-Tailor your Purchase to be a Fit Parfait™
  • 90-day, Money Back Guaranty
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Removable BOW Workout Sweatband Accino Gray Headband One size

Removable BOW Workout Sweatband
Accino Gray
one size
Delivery 2-4 wks

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