CLASSIC Fitness Headband

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  • ice cream CLASSIC fitness headbands are of a two-layered design made of Organic Bamboo and Italian-imported Lycra fabrics which work together to keep you dry and sweat-free
  • These sports head bands are wonderful for wearing to the gym, hot yoga, pilates, to group fitness classes, to play tennis or to ride around in a convertible
  • These 3 ¾” (9.5cm) yoga head bands are machine-washable and are designed to be comfortable and stretch (18” to 22” | 45cm to 55cm) to fit most teens and adults (men & women)
  • ice cream CLASSIC workout headbands are available in an extensive selection of colors, making it easy to mix and match with items you already own
  • Our yoga headbands are handcrafted in Canada by professional seamstresses who earn fair wages and work in comfort and safety

Tired of having to constantly move hair from your face during your Zumba or Yoga workouts? How about when cycling, jogging or playing tennis? Yes! Head bands are back in style and wearing an ice cream yoga headband is the perfect recipe for taming your runaway locks.

ice cream athletic headbands are made from premium, wrinkle-free and machine-washable Lycra spandex stretch fabric and provide a level of comfort and quality which far exceeds other comparably-priced brands.

Of course, ice cream did not invent the exercise head band, but we sure sell a lot of them! What´s our secret? For starters, we offer you an amazing selection of fabric flavors: Looking for something in black, pink, white or blue? No problem, our yoga headbands are always available in a wonderful palette of rich, vibrant colours! Additionally, we only use quality materials and handcraft each of our headbands locally to make sure that every one meets our strict quality standards.

ice cream CLASSIC fitness headbands are available in a one-size format which is designed to stretch to fit most teens and adults (men & women).

Product Reviews

My favorite headbands!

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So many colors to choose from - I've gone a bit crazy with them! I love having all the color options, and if you order directly from their website they have tons of really cute prints too. I'm addicted to them, but I've also purchased several as gifts. I use them during yoga, but I also have a couple stashed in the convertible...they're the perfect width to keep my hair from getting totally snarly. I've had a couple of them about a year now, and they haven't stretched out and become unusable like some other brands I have had.

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Perfect for Bad Hair Days!

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I have a few headbands and am in love with them. I not only use them when I am working out but also on bad hair days, they are wide and I love the patterns.

Kim Bachynski
Reviewed on Facebook

Colorful & Wide

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I have many headband from your collection. I love them because they are colorful & wide. I wear them when I workout and when I give my spinning class at Énergie Cardio Vimont.

Annie Dauphin
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Fabulous headbands!

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These are great headbands and because they are so gorgeously washable, you can wear them through anything. My kids love them too and they are stretchy enough to fit their heads without falling off.

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I absolutely love my headbands. The colors are great and they fit so great. I will be ordering more soon as my daughter loves them too.

Anissa Harrell
Dallas Texas

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  • Cute, Stylish Design made using Premium Fabric and Materials
  • Built for Durability, Comfort and Ease of Care (Wrinkle-Free and Machine Washable)
  • Colourful and Exclusive Fabric Flavours, Perfect for Yoga, Exercise, Fitness and Travel
  • Personalization Available upon Request: Send us your Measurements and Preferences and we will Custom-Tailor your Purchase to be a Fit Parfait™
  • 90-day, Money Back Guaranty
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CLASSIC Fitness Headband Accino Gray Headband One size

CLASSIC Fitness Headband
Accino Gray
one size
Delivery 2-4 wks

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