KNOTTED Twist Yoga Headband

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  • ice cream KNOTTED twist fitness headbands are of a two-layered design made of Organic Bamboo and Italian-imported Lycra fabrics which work together to keep you dry and sweat-free
  • These workout head bands are wonderful for wearing to the gym, to work, to do errands or simply to lounge at home
  • These 3 ¾” (9.5cm) braided headbands are machine-washable and are designed to be comfortable and stretch (18” to 22” | 45cm to 55cm) to fit most teens and adults (men & women)
  • ice cream KNOTTED twist training headbands are available in an extensive selection of colors, making it easy to mix and match with items you already own
  • Our exercise head bands are handcrafted in Canada by professional seamstresses who earn fair wages and work in comfort and safety

Tired of wearing headbands that look like – well! Bands!? It’s time to try on an ice cream KNOTTED twist yoga headband. Made from a premium blend of Lycra spandex fabric, these head bands are made available in a rainbow of color selections.

ice cream KNOTTED twist yoga headbands are machine-washable, deliciously hand-crafted and extremely durable. Their claim to fame are their cute, braided facade which gives you a look of sophistication all the while keeping you comfy and dry. They are perfect for low-intensity workouts where your main concern is keeping your hair in place and sweat out of your eyes.

ice cream KNOTTED twist yoga headbands are available in a one size format which is designed to stretch to fit most teens and adults (men & women).

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  • Cute, Stylish Design made using Premium Fabric and Materials
  • Built for Durability, Comfort and Ease of Care (Wrinkle-Free and Machine Washable)
  • Colourful and Exclusive Fabric Flavours, Perfect for Yoga, Exercise, Fitness and Travel
  • Personalization Available upon Request: Send us your Measurements and Preferences and we will Custom-Tailor your Purchase to be a Fit Parfait™
  • 90-day, Money Back Guaranty
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KNOTTED Twist Yoga Headband Accino Gray Headband One size

KNOTTED Twist Yoga Headband
Accino Gray
one size
Delivery 2-4 wks

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