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Original workout clothes

Rated 4 from 1 votes

I am a full-time fitness instructor and basically live in my fitness clothing. I first heard of the ice cream brand when I was attending a YMCA conference in 2008. They had donated beautiful tops which the staff and committee members wore throughout the event.

What I like the most about ice cream products is that they are super comfortable and really easy to take care of. Most people attending my classes wear Lululemon and I can honestly say that their clothes all look the same. I, on the other hand, stand out!

Cindy G.
Kanata, Ontario

Beautiful Yoga Apparel

Rated 5 from 1 votes

I am a yoga enthusiast and not so long ago, I was wearing my husband’s old worn out sweatpants and t-shirts to my classes.

Then I discovered ice cream! I now attend classes with a sense of new found pride and confidence and have even moved myself up to the front row! People, several clothing sizes smaller, stop to compliment me on my clothes. Wow!

Wendy R.
Calgary, Alberta

Inspirational sportswear

Rated 4 from 1 votes

I truly enjoy my weekly fitness classes but felt I needed a little "kick" to keep me motivated. I decided to go shopping! After visiting several popular fitness clothing retailers (and trying on many outfits) I decided to see if there was something a little more "fun and feminine" available online.

I came across the ice cream website and fell in love with no less than a dozen or so fabrics! After doing a little online research, I decided to order a few items.

Anyhow, I absolutely loved my purchases: they fit me like a glove, they were stylish and very well made. I have since ordered many more items and keep getting compliments from others for these "one of a kind gems".

I highly recommend ice cream not only for their well-crafted products but more importantly, for their relentless effort in making sure that everything is just right. I never thought that buying online could lead to such personalized service.

Carolyn L.
Varenne, Quebec

Workout clothing made for me!

Rated 5 from 1 votes

I have all the trouble in the world finding something that fits me just right. A colleague of mine suggested I check out the ice cream website. I browsed thru their products showcase and decided to order a crop tunic.

I chose a beautiful fabric and entered in my measurements online. A few days later, I received my order: Nice quality and craftmenship but a little too long for my taste. I contacted the company and they "encouraged" me to send it back so that they could adjust it. (yes - they took care of all shipping costs!)

Now, everytime I order a new item, they make it the way I like it... Amazing customer service! I strongly recommend that you give them a try.

Kat J.
Boston, Massachusetts

Fitness clothing for all preferences

Rated 5 from 1 votes

I recently discovered ice cream thru a referral from my aerobics instructor. First off, she looks amazing but more importantly, when she walks into the classroom, she brings the sunshine in with her. Her clothes are bright, colourful and fabulous. One day, she came in with the cutest outfit and I just had to ask where she got it: ice cream my dear, she replied!

Checking out the ice cream selection of fabrics (they call them flavours!) I realized that they have something for every taste: including myself. I quickly found something that was ALL me (and something to impress my daughters). I couldn't be happier. Thanks to the ice cream girls Nancy and Kareen, for making dressing up to go to the gym fun.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Is this for real?

Rated 5 from 1 votes

I am so excited to have received my ice cream purchases. I must admit that your offer sounded a little too good to be true: Choose a product, pick any fabric and have it custom fit to my exact measurements! For this level of service, I would have expected to pay double lulu dollars however, ice cream products where priced no more than all others.

What really caught my attention was that if I didn’t like it – I could return it for a full refund. Return made to measure clothing? Was this a real company? Well, I am happy to say that the company does really exist and is run by two exceptional sisters. Did I mention that their products are awesome? Thanks Nancy and Kareen, keep up the great work.

Tisdale, SK

Patience is a virtue!

Rated 3 from 1 votes

In all fairness, I understand that each product is custom made and I am certainly not the only person ordering products when they go on sale but I was a little disappointed in the time it took to finally receive my order (4 weeks!). I love my ice cream tunic and I intend on ordering many more however, I hope you will find a way to improve on your delivery time. ;)

Seattle, Washington

Great experience

Rated 4 from 1 votes

This was my first time ordering from the internet, and I am happy to say that my overall experience was very positive.

The ice cream website is very well made and allowed me to personalize my order to my exact preferences. Payment was simple, and the fact that it was done though the Paypal website, was a huge bonus (I am not interested in giving out credit card info to just anyone!). It took about 2 weeks to receive my i-cami fitness top and drawstring workout pants.

What I found extra special was ice cream’s commitment to keeping me informed of my order’s progression: After the initial order confirmation, the company sent me contact information for the person who was going to take care of my order. That person (Nancy) confirmed availability of my chosen fabrics and let me know when she was beginning production. I received another email from Nancy when the order was being completed and another when it had been shipped (including a tracking number so that I could follow the shipment online). My clothes arrived soon after and I was absolutely delighted with the fit, look and quality. I will definitely be ordering more ice cream apparel in the coming weeks. Thanks Nancy.

Toronto, ON

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